Verjus is very versatile, thanks to its subtle characteristic, and can be used to create delicious salad dressings, in deglazing to make flavorful sauces, and on fresh fruit or in sorbet to embellish a sweet treat. With a great natural acidity, it serves as a perfect mixer for cocktails in place of citrus.


Kokomo Verjus and salads

Kokomo Verjus is an ideal ingredient for salad dressings. Its mild, tart flavor and wine-friendly character allows you to use a generous amount of verjus without concern for the astringency found in vinegar.
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Sauces & Stews
Kokomo Verjus in Sauces and Stews

Essential for the professional or home chef, Kokomo Verjus is a must-have for the kitchen pantry. Use it to deglaze a pan to create a luxurious sauce, or as the base for a meat marinade.
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Kokomo Verjus and pickling

Looking for a way to preserve your abundance of summer vegetable into the colder seasons? Pickle them with Kokomo Verjus!
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Sorbets & Granitas

Kokomo Verjus and Sorbets

The bright tartness of verjus makes it the perfect ingredient for a refreshing sorbet or granita. Excellent as a palate cleanser or as a light dessert.
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Kokomo Verjus in cocktails

Verjus serves as a great substitute for citrus in cocktails, that will highlight rather than mask the flavors of high quality spirits.
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